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CEM presented its annual awards


At the ceremony in Villa Gorica on the occasion of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro’s Day, the president of Montenegro Filip Vujanović presented the awards of this business association to the most  successful businessmen in 2017.

The laureates of these awards are Tehnomax doo from Podgorica - for a successful business performance, Cerovo doo from Bar - for social responsibility, Meso-promet doo from Bijelo Polje - for innovation and PhD. Zoran Vukčević for improvement of management.

The representatives of the state, diplomatic corps, local government, economy, science and culture attended this ceremony, which was part of activities of celebration of the jubilee - 90 years of successful work of the Chamber.

The Chamber President’s address

The President of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro, Vlastimir Golubović, stressed an exceptional importance of the nine decades long duration of this association. 

- It is about a jubilee that makes us proud, but it also obliges us to continue the development of this institution in the years ahead, fostering its tradition and relying on the solid conventional foundations, to modernize business oriented towards the needs of all members of the Montenegrin economy in general, said Golubović.

According to him, the essence of the Chamber and the basis of its successful work is in the power of businesses gathered in it. 

- As such it was created and it lasts like that. This, indeed a special jubilee, is a reason to recall and with due respect to mention the founders of the the Chamber of Trade-Industry and Crafts in Podgorica, which in April 1928, guided by the need to improve the economic and social circumstances of Podgorica of that time and the country as a whole, invested unselfishly their knowledge, enthusiasm and material resources to create an association that they believed could help them achieving this goal. In spite of the many difficulties they encountered even at the beginning when they expressed the intention to set up the Chamber, and later, they managed to influence the improvement of business conditions – said the Chamber’s President.

He expressed his particular respect to the prominent businessmen and experts who have been leading this business association over the past nine decades.

- However, I would like to single out particularly Mr. Mićo Stijović, one of the founders of the Chamber and its first president, who donated his land for the construction of the house of economy in which we are gathered even today and the last president in this 90-year period, Mr. Velimir Mijušković, who by managing the Chamber in the past ten years made an unimaginable contribution to its modernization and linking with the chambers of the region and Europe – said Golubović.

Numerous useful initiatives, wide scope of activities, participation in various economic, educational and other reforms, established contacts with foreign chambers, participation in the work of the chamber associations, promotion of natural and economic potentials, are only part of what makes the rich history of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro, says he, with an estimates that some work results might have been more pronounced, but they often used to be influenced by a number of external factors beyond the influence of the economy.

- Let me share my satisfaction by the fact that the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro has been recognized by the regional chambers as the most compact and with the most consistent position in the Montenegrin society, especially emphasizing institutional relations with policy makers – outlined Golubović.

He recalled that, at the end of the last year, the Parliament of Montenegro voted for the Law on the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro. The legal framework and norms presented in this Law which follow the positive law of the European Union, as in the economically most advanced countries, clearly defined the rights, obligations and a number of issues relevant for the existence and scope of work of this institution.

This act specifies the partnership of the Chamber with the legislative and executive authorities, as well as with local governments, thus giving further importance to the requirements of the economy when it comes to the business environment. This assumes a clear role of the Chamber in creating regulations that make the essence of our country's economic system, which opens up the new areas of opportunities for the Chamber to find solutions that reflect the balance of state and economic interests, for the benefit of society as a whole. This is about a response to all the issues related to fostering the sustainable growth.

"We have shown in our 90 years of duration that we are a partner who knows how to define general interest and who has never been guided by individual interests. It is good that the new Law has emphasized such necessity and strength of partnership - said Golubović.

He reminded that the annual awards of the Montenegrin Chamber have been presented since 1968. Its purpose is to evaluate the results and it makes me happy to have more and more candidates for this award each year. Golubović congratulated all the awarded candidates, and in particular to Tehnomax for a successful doing business, Cerovo for social responsibility, Meso-promet for innovation and Mr. Zoran Vukčević, President of the Board of Directors of the Investment and Development Fund of Montenegro for the management promotion.

- Everything they achieved in 2017, the year for which they are awarded, was born on the basis of their longstanding work in the past few years. Commitment to the development of the companies, to the social community in which they operate and to the wider community in general, the introduction of innovations, as well as the promotion of management are the qualities of all the awarded candidates. I am sure that all of our laureates will continue to achieve respectable results even in the upcoming period, and the award that they have received today will be a further impetus, said the president of the Chamber.


The President of the Board for the Chamber Awards Mr. Željko Andrić explained the decision to award Tehnomax, Cerovo, Mesopromet and Mr. Zoran Vukčević.

According to him, Tehnomax has begun its development as a small company with only a few employees and in its 14-year long work they gained profound experience and references in the trade and grew into a respectable company with great potential. Customer oriented, Tehnomax is today a leader on the Montenegrin market in the wholesale and retail of white and embedded technology, small home appliances, TV and audio and video equipment, computers, telephones and other. Over 10 000 different products from the world renowned brands, Tehno max offers in 11 modernly equipped and customized stores, wholesale and through their web site. In addition to enviable business results, financial stability, investment level and high quality working conditions for more than 150 employees, this company is characterized by a responsible attitude towards the environment as well as a social community care to which advancement it constantly contributes through a variety of activities.

The company Cerovo from Bar, one of the leaders in the wholesale of wood, construction materials and sanitary equipment, shows a high level of concern for the community. The total value of the projects realized by this company in 2017 related to the improvement of conditions in educational institutions throughout Montenegro, amounted to around 105.000€. These projects were also supported by Cerovo’s partners from abroad, producers of quality construction materials with which this company has long years of successful cooperation, while the management and employees of this company participated in the realization. In addition to that, there is a number of other activities by which Cerovo is trying to meet the needs of the community in which it operates.

Meso-promet started its work in 1990 with only two employees, and today it is the regional and widely recognized meat industry "Franca”, which has over 1300 workers and modernly equipped production facilities that meet high European standards in terms of equipment, technology and quality. In order to further develop and reach European standards in production, in 2017, the company opened a factory for the production of unsmoked cured meat products by the unique technology in the region. About seven million Euros were invested in the construction of the factory. In the first phase, the annual capacity of the plant is 1300 tons of finished products. This project, in addition to the introduction of innovative technology, which recommended Meso-promet for the Chamber award, is also significant as it created 70 new jobs. In 2017, the company also received the European export number, which enabled it to place meat and processed products on a demanding European market. Obtaining this number is another proof that it is a company that meets all standards that enable the production of high quality and safe products.

Ph.D. Zoran Vukčević, who is the winner of the Management Promotion Award, by his management capabilities has contributed for the Investment and Development Fund to establish and develop good business relations with international financial institutions and banks. Thanks to that it obtains favourable funds which through various credit services it offers to Montenegrin entrepreneurs under conditions that companies have in developed European countries. This is the most illustrative confirmation of his knowledge, work and enthusiasm. If we analyze the increase not only of the presented amounts, but also the number and structure of the credit lines, we can monitor the continuity of the development of the Fund. This shows that Vukcević has also created a quality team that he manages, which is capable of listening to and recognizing the needs of every individual business in Montenegro. In modern business conditions, the most complicated task is to create a compact team dedicated to tasks and ready to respond to challenges in the best possible way, while at the same time meeting the demands of accelerated economic trends and turbulences. From the position of the first and most responsible man of the Fund, he has significantly contributed to the stimulation of development of small and medium-sized enterprises, opening up of new jobs, developing entrepreneurship, reducing the import dependence of the Montenegrin economy and, in particular, trying to balance regional development.

The President of Montenegro’s address

The Montenegrin President Filip Vujanović expressed his gratitude to the Chamber of Economy for the opportunity to handle the awards to the most successful businessmen, and express his respect to them as well as to the oldest business association in the country.

- This year's award has two specialties. It is awarded in the year of celebration of the nine decades of the Chamber of Economy. The ninety-year duration is a proof of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro’s value, given that nothing can last long in one economic community if there is no quality behind it. Our Chamber of Economy has had this quality in all these nine decades. However, not only the duration is a proof of success, but also what the Chamber has done in nine decades. It has been doing many valuable and significant things for the Montenegro's economy, in a way which guarantees that the Chamber will also in the future continue to act in a quality manner in all areas: affirming the values of its members, and the economy as a whole, increasing investments and strengthening the reputation of our economy - said the president Vujanović, congratulating this significant jubilee to the Chamber of Economy with the wishes to continue achieving the same success in its work even in the decades to come. 

Another specialty which the president underlined was that the awards were presented in a year which was economically successful for Montenegro.

- It was a year of strong economic and GDP growth, when we had the best tourist season, according to the financial and real indicators, the largest number of guests and overnights, and the most importantly record revenues. It was a year of great investments in our agriculture, in both primary production and in processing. 

A year of really worthwhile investments, but also the year of intensive construction of the Podgorica-Mateševo highway section, a capital-worthy project for our country, which will obviously be completed in time. It became certain that, after Mateševo, a highway would be built up to the borders with Serbia and that we will get a highway from Bar to Belgrade with the highest quality and contribution to the overall development, especially of the north of the country, which should be developed in every possible way and through all economic policies – said Vujanović.

He reminded the laureates of their obligation to set a good example which should be followed.

- I would like to thank the Chamber of Economy for everything that it has done in cooperation with the President of the state. I am proud of what we have done together, and I express my special gratitude to the Chamber for its participation in numerous business forums during presidential visits. There were many forums in the country and abroad when we jointly promoted the values of Montenegro. In promoting the economy, the Chamber has been a great organizer and I would like to thank the Chamber for the opportunity for our country to be presented in the best possible economic light. I wish the Chamber to continue promoting values of Montenegro and its economy even in the years and decades ahead- concluded President Vujanović.

The laureates’ addresses

The awards were handled to the director of Tehno max Mr. Vesko Petranović, the Executive Director of Cerovo doo Mr. Goran Đurović, the owner of Mesopromet Mr. Hilmija Franca and Mr. Zoran Vukčević, and the president of the Board of Directors of IRF, who expressed gratitude on behalf of laureates.

- On behalf of the awarded I would like to congratulate the jubilee to the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro. It is a significant date in an institutional development of Montenegro. We do not have very often an opportunity to celebrate this kind of jubilee, especially when it comes to the economic institutions. The institutional development is of special importance for Montenegro's progress, on its European path. That is why the Chamber of Economy has special importance and responsibility for the overall economic development – said Vukčević.

He said that the successful ones differ from those who are not successful by the fact that they never give up. The laureates had, according to him, the will and persistence to realize their dreams. 

"They prove that for a business it is not necessary to have a revolutionary idea that will change the world, but to have knowledge, to be brave and different. It is a guiding principle for starting a business
and motivating young people to start businesses and thus resolving the existential issues of their own and of those who will work there - said Vukčević. Moreover, he talked about business achievements of the awarded companies and individuals, their social engagement and innovations. He said that a team work in the organization is important for the success and the quality of the employees, especially referring to the team which worked with him on achieving the recognizable IRF results.

- On behalf of the awarded I would like to thank the Chamber of Economy for the awards and the companies and individuals who have proposed us. Each award is an obligation, including this one presented in the year of jubilee, which is an additional challenge but also the motive to give full contribution to the achievement of European values in Montenegro - concluded Vukčević.

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