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Challenges to the implementation of Law on Tourism


The Tourism Association Board of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro discussed the challenges to the implementation of Law on Tourism and Hospitality Industry, which has been in force since January this year. 

Business community expects this Law to stimulate development of this strategic industry, prevent grey economy and allow smooth operations of the entities doing business legally.

The Ministry has stated that this framework law is focused on adjusting the EU directives and facilitation of the activities of tourism employees. 

The Tourist Guides Association states that the Law does not regulate this activity in an adequate manner.

“The activities of tourist guides are of an additional and seasonal character. However, under the new law they cannot perform these activities unless they are registered in the Central Register of business entities as entrepreneurs or employees in travel agencies. If you have to pay taxes and contributions, even when they are not working throughout the year, then this activity is not profitable”, says a representative of this Association.

The Board adopted a Decision on establishing the Working Group for drafting a common agreement on tariffs for use of musical works. A third public call of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro within the project “Towards Low-Carbon Tourism” was presented.