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Chapter 27 requires substantial investments


Negotiation Chapter 27 - Environment with a focus on water and waste management was discussed at the meeting of the Communal Infrastructure Association Board. This is one of the most complex and most demanding chapters the countries are facing in the negotiation process with the European Union, it was said by the line ministry.

A representative of the Ministry presented the activities carried out in the previous period and the obligations which need to be fulfilled and Montenegro's readiness to open this chapter in the mid-year. Montenegro needs substantial financial resources in order to meet the commitments and the standards which are in line with EU directives. According to the analysis conducted so far, by 2035 the investment will amount to EUR 1.4 billion. The most demanding chapter requires careful creation of a financial structure, use of all available financial capacities, international loans, IPA funds, donations, etc., it was said by the line ministry.

According to its representative, it is a difficult and long process and requires the joint cooperation of all sectors: institutions, business community, NGOs, the media and citizens. Also, it is necessary to continuously develop administrative capacities and create high-profile civil servants at the government and local-governments levels.

Representatives of the business community have pointed out that municipalities in the northern part need the support of the relevant ministry in the area of waste management. They also emphasized the need to establish new companies, engaged in the waste management, in this area. They are told that the Waste Management Plan is going to be amended and the optimal model for the northern region will be found.

The Board also discussed Law on the Chamber of Economy and Information on dual Education and adopted the 2017 Activity Report.