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Financing energy efficiency projects


Opportunities for financing projects in the field of energy efficiency from domestic and international funds through Horizon 2020 and other programs, monitored by the Ministry of Science, were discussed at the meeting of the Coordination Committee of Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection.

Horizon 2020 is the EU framework program for research and innovation for the period 2014-2020, worth EUR 78.6 billion. It focuses on excellence in research and innovation, addressing social challenges (creation of new jobs, increasing labor productivity) and increasing the competitiveness of the industry - with special emphasis on SMEs.

It was said that energy as a social challenge has a special place in the program H2020. The challenge is to create an industrial sector of renewable energy in the EU, which is economically viable and competitive in a long run on the European and world markets. It includes financing of projects dedicated to different thematic areas (for example, smart cities, smart energy systems, renewable fuels and other energy sources).

The Board also discussed Law on the Chamber of Economy and Information on dual Education and adopted the 2017 Activity Report as well as the Activity Report for this year.