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Free zone of Port of Bar should be better valorized


In order to completely valorize the free zone, it is necessary to achieve synergy between all business entities and government bodies operating in the Port of Bar. In addition to incentives offered by the Government, municipalities and port operators, the work efficiency of service providers, customs and inspection authorities should be improved in order to keep the existing and attract new customers, especially in the manufacturing sector, it was said at a meeting of the Freight Forwarders Association Board.

The Port of Bar represents one of key pillars of development of the Montenegrin economy. The potentials of the Free Zone of the Port are not valorized in the best possible manner especially when it comes to the development of productive activities, which was impacted by the different business barriers, the Board members said. During the discussion on business in the Free Zone of the Port of Bar, freight forwarders have concluded that this is a significant topic for the economy. Therefore it is necessary to change the legislation which will contribute to the elimination of identified business barriers in this area.  

The Board also discussed Law on the Chamber of Economy and Information on dual education and adopted the 2017 Activity Report.