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Freight Forwarding Association Board constituted


Radovan Radulović, Montenomax Control & Logistics doo, Danilovgrad, is elected President of the Freight Forwarding Association Board, while the position of the Vice President will be held by Saša Simonović, Knjaz doo Podgorica.

- I think it is essential that the Board works even better and more efficient and thus contribute to a more favorable status of freight forwarders in the economy of Montenegro - said Radulović.

The Board verified the mandates of the members and adopted the Rules of Procedure. This Board elected Vojo Banović, Jadroagent Bar doo and Darko Globarević, Zetatrans ad Podgorica as the CEM Assembly members.

The operating team of freight forwards is proposed to organize a meeting with representatives of the Customs Administration in order to settle the requirements of businessmen as soon as possible.

The meeting was attended by the CEM Vice-President Ljiljana Filipović, the Secretary General Pavle D. Radovanović, the Director of the Association Department Bojan Obrenović and Filip Vujović, the advisor of the Association Department.

Vice President Ljiljana Filipović has called on freight forwards to submit comments and suggestions on the legislation. She announced activities aimed to create a more favorable business operation of freight forwards such as participation in the Working Group for drafting the new Customs Law, and seminars, workshops and roundtables etc.