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“Good from Montenegro” strengthens domestic economy


According to the results of the public opinion poll, the most important effects of the Chamber’s project “Dobro iz Crne Gore (Good from Montenegro)“ could be strengthening domestic economy, raising confidence in domestic products, their greater visibility in a wide product range at the market. The survey was  conducted by the agency Ipsos and presented at the meeting between the holders of the trademark "Good from Montenegro", companies whose products deserve a more intensive presentation at the market and representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Ministry of Economy and trade chains held at the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro.

The meeting was organized in order to define further activities to stimulate buying high-quality domestic products in 2018, which represents a new dimension of the project “Dobro iz Crne Gore (Good from Montenegro)“.

For ten years the Chamber has been working carefully and systematically on branding domestic products which have the potential for this, i.e. above-average quality. Such products are labeled with collective trademark "Dobro iz Crne Gore (Good from Montenegro)", which is protected by the Intellectual Property Office and represents a guarantee of special quality.

At the end of the meeting it is announced that the Chamber will define precisely activities within this project in 2018 and will organize soon a new meeting with the representatives of the business community, whose products are branded in this way.