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Gujić new President of the Construction Industry Association Board


Mile Gujić, a representative of Normal Company, is elected President of the Construction Industry Association Board of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro. Besides Gujić, Ilija Radulović, Ing Invest, is elected to represent this Board in the CEM Assembly.

The Board members discussed laws on Spatial Planning and Construction and on the Chamber of Economy, as well as information on the operations in this sector in 2017 and the dual education.

In order to fulfill the planned tasks for the coming period it is necessary to:

  • monitor the implementation of the Law on Spatial Planning and Construction.
  • consider the possibility of substituting import of construction materials with revitalization of existing facilities and equipment and purchasing new one;
  • encourage domestic and foreign companies to finance and create high-quality government projects through public-private partnerships;
  • accelerate the process related to the construction of transport infrastructure;
  • train young people through the secondary education system to work in the construction industry in order to reduce the number of unemployed persons with secondary education and lower engagement of seasonal workers from the countries in the region;
  • intensify inspection controls and combat the grey economy and thus prevent the import and installation of building materials of doubtful quality;
  • solve the problem of illiquidity with the timely settlement of obligations of the state and business entities;
  • reduce costs of participants in the public procurement process, as well as the appeal deadlines;
  • network companies into clusters with the active participation of the Government, the Chamber of Economy, local governments, universities etc, for a joint appearance on the domestic and foreign markets.

The Board adopted the 2017 Activity Report.