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Impact of trail run of the Krnovo wind farm


The Energy and Mining Association Board discussed the impact of the trail run of the Krnovo wind farm on the electricity system of Montenegro. The Law on the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro as well as Information on dual education were presented to the Board members by the heads of the Departments of General and Legal Affairs and Education Mitar Bajčeta and Mladen Perazić. The meeting was conducted by the Board President Luka Jovanović.

The representative of EPCG Darko Krivokapić says that wind power "Krnovo" has 26 wind turbines with a total installed capacity of 72 MW and expected annual production of 180 GWh. Wind farm Krnovo produced 94,984.437 MWh by December 31, 2017.

Businessmen have estimated that investment in wind power plants is a very good, because new ones have already been planned without government incentives.

The Board adopted the 2017 Work Report.