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Lack of drivers in the transport industry


The Transport Association Board discussed Information about business operations in this sector in 2017, dual education system, new Law on the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro as well as the activities of the Education Center in the Road Transport and the permits for transporting with Bosnia and Herzegovina. The meeting was led by the Board President Ph.D. Deda Đelović, while the representative of the line ministry Dalibor Milošević, director of the Directorate for Road Transport took part in the meeting as well.   

During 2017 major infrastructure projects, which will significantly improve this industry, have been implemented. Certainly construction of the main highway section was one of the most important. Investments in infrastructure, as well as the inflow of foreign capital through privatization of companies, have contributed significantly to improving the quality of transport services.

Businessmen pointed to the large deficit of drivers and asked if this problem could be solved in cooperation with the Government. They have also emphasized that it takes time to obtain a category for drivers, which, according to them, should be acquired in school.

The Chamber will organize a meeting with the Employment Agency and the Vocational Education Center in order to find mechanisms to resolve the issue of lack of staff.

The representative of the Government of Dalibor Milošević says that the economy needs professional drivers, who have to attend 280-hour training after the secondary education in order to obtain a license. He presented the Center for Education in the Road Transport, which was established at the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro in December.