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Meeting with CHAMCO and Matej representatives


The Chamber of Economy of Montenegro organized a meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism and Old Royal Capital Cetinje, upon the initiative of companies Matej doo and Chamco.

They discussed the possibilities of investment in the waste treatment plant in Cetinje.

The company Chamco, whose headquarters are in the United States, deals with the waste production and construction of waste treatment plants upon the latest technologies of gasification and conversion of solid waste into electricity and heat. Company representatives wanted to know more about legislation and strategic documents for waste management in Montenegro, in order to see whether project of building the plant in Cetinje is viable in economic terms, which, according to them, would be of great significance for the Royal Capital and the whole of Montenegro.

The Chamber President informed them that Montenegro opened a negotiating chapter 27 - Environment, and that, as a candidate for membership of the EU, our country is obliged to establish an appropriate and functional waste management system. He presented valid regulations, stressing that a new law on waste management is being drafted in compliance with the EU directives. Members of the Chamber’s Communal Association Board are familiar with the new law and said that this is a quality instrument that provides clear guidelines to utility companies in terms of waste management.  

The interlocutors agreed to continue the communication between the companies and authorities through the Chamber in order to define the possibility of building waste treatment plants in Cetinje.