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Meeting of the Woodworking Industry Association Board


The Woodworking Industry Association Board of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro discussed Information on business operations for 2017, the 2018 Forest Management Program and the 2018 Decision on giving forests to be used. Information about the dual education in Montenegro and the Law on Chamber of Economy were presented to the Board members.

In order to exploit permitted gross timber mass to a greater extent and thereby achieve better financial results, the Board noted that:

- Bearing in mind that in 2008 the Government exempted strategic partners from paying special fees for the contract period on the use of forests, it is necessary to find a solution and bring all forest users in an equal position, in order to avoid judicial and other disputes, which have had positive outcomes in the previous period.

- Management plans need to be developed in due time in areas where they expired and are expiring in 2018.

- It is necessary to amend the applicable Rules on the conditions, criteria and sub-criteria.

- The forest certification process under FSC standards should be re-launched.

The meeting was conducted by the Board President Milovan Gojković, and attended by the Vice-President of the Chamber Ljiljana Filipović, representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Adam Fetić and Goran Đalović and Director of the Forest Administration Nusret Kalač. In addition, the issues regarding doing business in this sector were discussed by Branko Karadžić, wood processor from Žabljak, Miloš Vojinović, ŠIK Lim, Aleksandar Stijović, Institute of Forestry, Dragan Nenezić, Javorak, Vuksan Radonjić, Trudbenik, Vuko Marić, Maradom, and others.