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Montenegro and Serbia: Joint tourist offer presented in Vienna


Montenegro and Serbia presented the joint tourist offer “Wild Soul of Europe” at the International Tourism Fair “Ferien 2018“ in Vienna.

- The joint offer includes natural, cultural and historical heritage of the two countries. It is necessary to find the best possible way to valorise the resources of the two countries by presenting joint offers – says the president of the Tourism and Hospitality Industry Association Board of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro Dragan Purko Ivančević.

According to him, the joint offer, good program and providing high-quality presentation in the region may attract more tourists from far away destinations.

 - We will be more serious market. The activities carried out by our two chambers and the product, they created, should represent a model for other countries in the Region which would help them understand that borders do not represent a barrier, he says.

He has added that this is just a beginning of the significant cooperation which will result in increasing the turnover in tourism and valorisation of “all those resources which are significant and located in Serbia and Montenegro“.

The Secretary of the Tourism Association of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia Tijana Maljković has said the this product is aimed at collecting the offers made by small stakeholders in the field of tourism industry such as eco-households and small restaurants as well as bigger hotels, hospitality facilities, galleries, museums, local and national tourism organizations, in order to create “an interesting packaging program lasting from 7 to 14 days in both countries“.

According to her, the program include various activities from adrenaline tour through the spa to cultural tourism.

- The Tourism Association in cooperation with the chambers from the region has started with the preparation and promotion of joint tourism products in order to present the entire region. The first joint product, ever officially presented, has been prepared in cooperation with the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro and the Montenegrin Embassy to Serbia and promoted by the line ministries and the chambers. The product offers seven programs, ranging from active tourism, adrenaline tours, to holiday for the nature-lovers, cultural heritage, gastronomy and luxury holiday - said Maljković.