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New CEM Statute adopted


The Assembly of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro adopted new Statute of this business association. The most important act of the Chamber, regulating inter alia, its tasks and duties, organizational and other issues, was adopted in line with the new Law on the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro, passed in the end of last year. The Assembly adopted the Work Report and Decision on establishing the annual accounts for 2017, as well as the amendments to the decision on election of members in the Managing and the Association Boards.

Former Director of the Directorate for Construction at the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism Danilo Gvozdenović was elected new vice president of the Chamber. The Assembly elected the new members:

- Saša Bakoč, a member of the Woodworking Industry Association Board,

- Ilija Radulović, a member of the Construction Industry Association Board and

- Radule Raonić and Ranko Jovović, members of the Banking Association Board.

New members of the Managing Board are as follows:

- Božidar Vuksanović, president of the Board of Directors of the Airports of Montenegro,

- Verica Maraš, executive director of the "Plantaže",

- Goran Jevrić, director of the Regional Waterworks for the Montenegrin Coast and

- Dragan Kujović, CEO of CGES.

The new members of the CEM Association Boards were elected as well.

The session was led by the President of the Assembly Vojo Banović, while President of the CEM Vlastimir Golubović, Vice Presidents Ljiljana Filipović and Ivan Saveljić, as well as the Secretary General Pavle D. Radovanović took part in the session.

The Assembly was preceded by the meeting of the Managing Board of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro.