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New composition of the Woodworking Board


Milovan Gojković, ŠIK Polimlje is elected President of the Forestry, Wood-Processing, Printing and Publishing Industries.

His deputy in the next four years will be Radojica Petrović, Printing House Obod, Cetinje. This was decided on the inaugural meeting of the Association Board, which verified the members’ mandates and adopted Rules of Procedure.

Milorad Potpara, Deljevina doo Pljevlja and Saša Bakoč, Grafo group are elected members of the CEM Assembly. The Association Board President, by his/her position, becomes a member of the Chamber Assembly.

The inaugural meeting was attended by the Secretary General Pavle D. Radovanović, the Board Secretary Goran Popović as well as Dušan Pejović, the representative of the Center for Vocational Education. Pejović informed members that it is planned to create a program for the qualification of a wood processing technician, which is based on occupational standards. He urged the businessmen to engage in defining the educational program in order to create occupational standards in the next two months.