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Numerous activities to improve business environment


The Managing Board of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro adopted the 2018 semi-annual Report, the financial statement and the decisions on establishing the Coordination Board of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry and the Coordination Board for Women's Entrepreneurship. The Board also discussed the implementation of the conclusions and recommendations brought on the previous meeting related to the support for the company "Mesopromet" after its plants were destroyed in the fire.

This Association conducted many activities aimed at improving the business environment and contributing to regulatory reform, thus affecting the improvement of the economic competitiveness and dynamic economic development, it was stated in the semi-annual work report. In order to expand database of business entities, the CEM representatives have been visiting companies in all municipalities for the purpose of making a comprehensive analysis of the business environment in which they operate and the challenges they encounter. Promoting the business community is also one of the ongoing activities of the Chamber, which has been realized through the programs "Let’s Buy Domestic Products", "Homemade Flavors", "Good from Montenegro" and Excellent SME and participation in a number of fairs.

The meeting was chaired by the President of the Board and the Chamber Vlastimir Golubović, and in addition to members, Vice Presidents Ljiljana Filipović, Ivan Saveljić and Danilo Gvozdenović, Secretary General Pavle D. Radovanović  and President of the of this Association Assembly Vojo Banović took part in the meeting.