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Podgorica - stimulating environment for economic development


The Chamber of Economy of Montenegro and the Capital City are close partners, which continually work on improving the business environment in Podgorica.

This was assessed during the meeting between the President of the Montenegrin Chamber Vlastimir Golubović and the Mayor of Podgorica PhD. Ivan Vuković, who discussed the development of mutual cooperation.

Golubović briefly presented the activities which this association conducts in terms of the improvement of the regulatory framework, promotion of the economy through the presentations at fairs in the region and projects “Good from Montenegro”, “Let’s Buy Local Products” and “Homemade Flavours”. He stressed the importance of arbitration for faster and more efficient resolution of commercial disputes as well as the role of the Chamber in the reform of the education system, especially in the affirmation of the dual.

The results of the business analysis, developed by the Chamber for all Montenegrin municipalities were presented during the meeting. Intensive construction activities take place in Podgorica. Favourable business environment is recognized by many investors and Capital City is trying to promote the benefits within the business zone, where the support can be provided by the Chamber. 

The interlocutors also discussed the challenges, which the local government and businesses face, as well as the progress of Podgorica in the Business Friendly Certification process.

Meeting with the Mayor Vuković is part of the Chamber program activities related to development of institutional partnerships with decision makers at the local level.