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An upward trend of SMEs


The SME sector records an upward trend in terms of the number of companies and employees. According to the Tax Administration, there were 25,991 SMEs in 2017 i.e. an increase of 39.5% compared to 2011. The most employees have been recorded in micro enterprises 50,946 (30.92%), then small enterprises 38,794 (23.55%), while the medium-sized enterprises employ 34.912 people (21.19%).

The business operations have still been burdened by the large number and high amounts of taxes at national and local levels. Therefore, the amounts need to be re-examined and reduced in a manner that will reflect the actual costs of the services provided.

Board members think that, among other things, it is necessary to continue activities regarding the improvement of conditions for investment, primarily through the further development of zones, which will contribute to more intensive exploitation of resources and attracting investments, which are a significant driver of economic growth. The growth of the Montenegrin economy can be achieved by increasing export of goods and services and incentives to increase productivity and competitiveness. A strategy to encourage export should be defined. It is necessary to create an environment for better positioning of local products in cooperation with all stakeholders in the chain of production and consumption, the Government, associations, manufacturers, retailers, consumers. Improving transport infrastructure and regional integration is important for the development of tourism and the overall economy.

The SMEs Association Board was informed about the credit lines of the Investment and Development Fund for 2018. The Law on the Chamber of Economy and Information on dual Education were presented. The 2017 Activity Report was adopted.