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Women entrepreneurs seek the support of competent authorities


Montenegro, as well as in most countries, are characterized by the paradox that women make up the majority of the population, but a minority in terms of the approach to the so-called favorable opportunities, business ventures, ownership of business entities, political engagement etc. Employment of women in this context was the topic of the workshop organized by the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro in cooperation with the EU Info Centre.

In addition to harmonizing legislation and strengthening institutions the EU integration path requires the analysis of our “economic readiness” to become the part of this community, i.e. our capacity to take obligations for the membership in all areas, believes the Vice President Ms. Ljiljana Filipovic.

-  In cooperation with the EU Info Centre we have planned to organize a number of such events aimed at providing information, education, exchange of opinions and, ultimately, achieving the fast progress in all spheres of life and work, says Ms. Filipovic.

The President of the Women's Entrepreneurship Association Board of the CEM Ms. Slavica Strikovic clarifies that employment of women means self-employment i.e. starting their own business or actively looking for job. Therefore, more attention needs to be devoted to this segment.

There are many limiting factors for the development of women's business such as difficult approach to finances, lack of necessary knowledge and experiences in order to start business, lack of confidence etc.

Publication “Self-employment and employment of women in Montenegro” which is a part of the “Women’s economic empowerment” project was presented. The project is carried out by the NGO “Zenska Akcija” and supported by the Ministry of Finances. The Women's Entrepreneurship Association Board of the CEM was the partner in preparing the publication, which is aimed at consolidating the current information on initiating women's entrepreneurship in Montenegro and develop employment skills.

Representatives of the Business Women Association Mrs. Ljubica Kostic Bukarica and Ms. Branka Vuksanovic, the Directorate for development of small and medium-sized enterprises Ms. Ana Sebek and SOS Podgorica Ms. Biljana Zekovic took part in the discussion.