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Women’s Entrepreneurship - status and conditions for the development


The Coordination Board of Women’s Entrepreneurship discussed situation and conditions for the development in this field. Women’s entrepreneurship represents a significant potential for economic development, through the establishment of businesses in new fields, application of new technologies and new jobs. Women in business face economic, education and cultural barriers.  

According to the research conducted by the European Commission, there were about 9,000 women entrepreneurs in Montenegro. Women entrepreneurs accounted for 31% of the total number of entrepreneurs and about 25% of the total number of employers.

In order to encourage the development of women’s entrepreneurship, it is necessary to:

  • insist on consistent implementation of relatively good legal and strategic framework for the development of women’s entrepreneurship,
  • make accessible different sources of knowledge and information,
  • provide better access to finance, 
  • strengthen networking and cooperation between women entrepreneurs at national, regional and international level (fairs, study tours...)
  • encourage the media to promote women's entrepreneurship
  • initiate and strengthen cooperation between associations gathering women entrepreneurs and an academic and scientific community etc. 

The Law on the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro was presented at the meeting.