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ATA carnet

Would you like to win new markets?

In that case, the samples of your products need to be temporary taken abroad, for the presentation to your potential buyers or to be displayed at fairs and exhibitions. What you really need is a fast and simple transit through state borders, duty free and without special guarantees, which the ATA Carnet can provide.

What is an ATA Carnet? 

The ATA Carnet is a simple international customs document which permits the temporary import in the foreign country. The ATA Carnet allows flow of uncustomed goods for up to one year in the customs territory of the country which has adopted the Convention on temporary admission and without filling in the customs forms, paying taxes or deposits, which normally follow the regular procedure for temporary import or import. The ATA Carnet is a synonym for “the merchandise passport”.

The initials “АТА“ are an acronym of the French and English words “Admission Temporaire/Temporary Admission”, which means temporary import.

What are the benefits of the ATA Carnet?

 - Simplifying customs procedure by using a single document for all the customs transactions (temporary export, transit, temporary import, re-export and re-import). 
-  Payment of duty and other contributions, taxes or placing deposit, which is ordinary in temporary import in some countries, becomes unnecessary. 

 - Validity of the ATA Carnet for up to one year enables the carnet to be used several times for contemporary import to one or more member countries of the ATA chain. 
- For customs offices the use of the ATA Carnet entails less administrative work and increased safety that the payment of import duties will be collected, unless the goods are re-exported. 

How to get an ATA Carnet? 
Carnets are issued exclusively by chambers of commerce, members of the ATA international guarantee chain.

Internet site ( is a window into the world of ATA Carnets. If you click of ATA carnet icon, you will get the data on the organization issuing ATA Carnet in each member country of ATA chain.

E-mail, address, phone number and fax – all those data may be found on the ICC internet page, as well as the internet pages for each state. The National Chambers provide information where and how the ATA carnet can be obtained. 

With reasonable costs and minimal formalities, the ATA Carnet is issued by the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro.
Contacts: Miljan Sestovic, Srdja Vujosevic

Phone: +382 20 230 422 or 230 545.

NOTE: The soon you submit the application for issuing the ATA carnet, the soon you will get one. It is recommended that the procedure for getting the carnet start not later than 3 days prior to travel.  

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