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Novelties in the Law on Inspection Control


Possibilities for improving the operation and efficiency during inspection control were discussed at the roundtable, which was organized by the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy within the public debate on the Draft Law Amending the Law on Inspection Control.

Vice-President of the Chamber Ljiljana Filipović says that unfair competition i.e. the black economy has adverse effects on the market and operations of the economic entities, which regularly settle their duties in accordance with legal regulations. She has added that Chamber members point to problems, they encounter during the inspection controls, which are usually related to different interpretation of the regulations and fining heavily in certain cases. 

Director General of the Directorate for Internal Market and Competition in the Ministry of Economy Biljana Jakić says that for the first time this draft standardizes inspection control in residential or other premises, if there are indications that they do not operate in accordance with law. It is intended to put an end to the black economy, which is the result of activities carried out in private premises, thus avoiding payment of taxes and levies to the government.

Data of the Administration for Inspection Affairs and practice show that the most common illegal activities are: hairdresser’s and beauty services, physiotherapy, health care services, followed by playgrounds, kindergartens, renting accommodation, tailoring services, sale of certain types of goods...

The Act is harmonized with the laws on administrative procedure, state property, preventing corruption and spatial planning and construction of structures.

In addition to the representatives of the business community, the topic was discussed by representatives of the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism and the Administration for Inspection Affairs.

Public debate will last until 21 January 2018. The Ministry of Economy will consider all submitted comments, remarks and suggestions and then prepare a report on the public debate.

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