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The procurement process in the NATO system


Accession of Montenegro to the NATO Alliance provides a wide range of opportunities for our economy which can be exploited in a quality manner. Through membership in NATO, Montenegrin companies are entitled to participate in Alliance tenders, which have an annual budget of over 700 billion dollars. This was said in a seminar "The procurement process in the NATO system" which the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro (CEM) organized in cooperation with the Communication Team of the NATO Membership Council. 

Vice President of CEM Mr. Ivan Saveljic says that the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro and the Communication Team of the NATO Membership Council continue with their successful activities aimed at informing the Montenegrin companies on the potentials provided through the nearly membership in the Alliance. He noted that due to the nature of these topics, the activities on educating entrepreneurs will be continued in order to successfully include them in this great project.

- The opening of this market is very important for our companies because it provides them with the opportunities to increase their revenues and profits, as well as competitiveness. By participating in and winning tenders, Montenegrin companies would invest in growth and development, which would have positive multiplier effects in the long run - said Mr. Saveljic.

The opportunities provided by the membership in the Alliance to the Montenegrin economy were presented by Mr. Vesko Garcevic, national coordinator for NATO membership.

- In the future, a number of activities will be carried out in Montenegro, when much greater opportunities will be provided for our companies rather than through their participation in international tenders where they compete with large global corporations. It is very important to say that NATO creates conditions for economic development and the experiences of countries, which have joined the Alliance in the last twenty years, shows that safety and security have been increased only after several years, which led to a positive impact on the inflow of foreign investments and the economic development. It is up to us to use these opportunities, says Mr. Garcevic. 

He has also said that NATO bases in our country cannot be opened without the consent of Montenegro, and there are no such bases in Croatia, Albania, or in most countries of the Alliance. Deputy Prime Minister of Montenegro PhD Vujica Lazovic spoke on economic benefits of Montenegro’s membership to NATO. He adds that joining the Alliance as NATO has global geopolitical impact on the economy of the country. Economic effects are long-term and closely linked to other aspects of social progress.

Lecturer Ms. Tajana Kesic Sapic, director of the Centre for the Industry in Croatian Chamber of Economy, explains that through various mechanisms, NATO procures various goods and services such as command and control, the ICT and equipment for satellite communications, software, consulting and services in the camps as part of operations and missions, construction work...

Many entrepreneurs, participants in the seminar in the CEM, expressed a notable interest in this important topic.