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Public debate on the Draft Law on Road Transport


Public debate on the Draft Law on Road Transport was organized at the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro.

According to the Director General of the Directorate for Road Transport Mr. Dalibor Milosevic, the new text of the law is almost entirely harmonized with EU directives. In his opinion, this meeting represents highly significant contribution to the quality of the final text of the act, as the suggestions of the business community are to be part of the report on the public discussion.

The novelties in the Draft Law with respect to the current text of the Law were presented by Mr. Bojan Radoman, senior advisor in the Ministry of Road Transport.

The representatives of the business community made comments on this legal act, which will be taken into consideration before the draft law is to be sent to the Government.

The public debate will last until 18th September, and a new Law is to be adopted in the fourth quarter of this year.