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Great Interest for Good from Montenegro


The Chamber of Economy, in cooperation with the Podgorica enterprise Trznice i pijace, on 27 and 28 December 2014 organized the manifestation where the visitors of the green market Mall of Montenegro could taste and purchase the products labeled Dobro iz Crne Gore at promotional prices.

The customers expressed great interest for the Montenegrin food products from the companies: Plantaze, Martex, Bonesa, Niksicki mlin (The Mill of Niksic), Simsic Montmilk, Dairy Factory Lazine, Dairy Factory Srna and Brewery Trebjesa. Namely, some of the booths were literally swamped with people.

- The weekend preceding the New Year Eve was an excellent opportunity for the promotion of products of exquisite quality made by renowned Montenegrin companies. It is my pleasure to say that the interest of customers was such that certain exhibitors had to contact their headquarters and provide new quantities of products to offer at their booths. This is one more proof that Montenegrin agro-industry has achieved considerable progress and that it has been accepted by consumers. This presents a contribution to the fulfillment of the Chamber’s goal to increase the participation of Montenegrin products in the domestic consumption and the competitiveness of domestic producers, which in turn leads to the reduction of foreign trade deficit – the Vice-President of the Chamber of Economy, Ms Ljiljana Filipovic, has said for Glasnik.

The Secretary of the Board for Agriculture at the Chamber of Economy, Ms Lidija Rmus, has said that in the recent five years of project duration, the label has been granted for the total of 82 products from 17 companies.

- The criteria for granting this label are very high and that is why we say that these products are the best of the best. These products are characterized by top physical-chemical quality. They are produced in line with the international standards and the producers pay adequate attention to marketing (customer care, awards at fairs, etc.). When the realization of the project Dobro iz Crne Gore started in 2009, only 32% of interviewees had trust in domestic products. Five years later, the trust increased for 25% and it is now 57%. Therefore, we have to say that we are very satisfied with it, especially because this statistics is followed with the growth of demand for Montenegrin products, increase of their production and reduction of import. We believe that this trend will be continued – Ms Rmus has said.

The President of the Board for Agriculture and the Manager of Simsic Montmilk – Dairy Factory Lazine, Mr Milutin Djuranovic, has said for Glasnik that the campaign Dobro iz Crne Gore has significantly contributed to the promotion of domestic products and the notable growth of customers’ trust. In addition, he has said that there is a need for its continuation.

- This is an activity which provided a chance to all producers of good quality products to have a larger share at the market and to participate in raising the customers’ awareness that it is important to purchase domestic products and thus reduce the outflow of money to other countries – Mr Djuranovic has said.

At the event at Mall of Montenegro, the booth of the company Martex from Cetinje was especially well visited. The representative of this company, Ms Maja Saranovic, also believes that the label Dobro iz Crne Gore has contributed to a great extent to the recognizability of their products at the Montenegrin market.

- Montenegrin customers have started requesting the label Dobro iz Crne Gore at the items they purchase, recognizing it as a symbol of quality of domestic products. Therefore, we plan to apply for this label with more of our products. We think that it is necessary to additionally promote this label and to separate it from imported products at retail sale shops – Mr Saranovic has said.

The Mill of Niksic is engaged in the processing of cereals with the daily capacity of 200 t, i.e. the monthly capacity of 3,500 t.

- As of 2011 we have been using the label Dobro iz Crne Gore, which has contributed to the promotion at the domestic market. In our opinion this label contributes to better competitiveness of the mill of Niksic, with the introduced systems HACCP and ISO 22000 and the NATO codification number which enables that our products are offered to the members of the alliance – Ms Jadranka Zvicer from the sector for quality of this company has said.

Her colleague, Milos Vukotic, thinks that this event, organized by the Chamber of Economy, is a good way to present producers and make it user-friendly.

- No matter how small we are as a state and regardless of the small number of producers we have, people are still not adequately informed of our potentials. Therefore, I believe that this is the right way to present ourselves. I hope that the events of this kind will become traditional and will be held more than once a year – Mr Vukotic has said.

This event also included a rich entertainment programme and a prize contest.