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The importance of cyber security should be recognized


Within the TEMPUS project – “Improving education in cyber security in Montenegro (ECESM)”, the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro organized a seminar on "Network Security and Access Control" on 30 March 2016. The lecturers were PhD Flavio Lombardi and PhD Stefano Guarino, "Roma Tre" University of Rome, Italy.

The project is funded by the European Commission within the Tempus program, says PhD Ivana Ognjanovic, University of Donja Gorica. Eleven eminent local and foreign partners is included in the implementation, which began in November 2014 and will last until 30 November 2016.

- In order to provide continuous support to education in the field of cyber security, Montenegrin Cyber Security Educational Center –MCEC was established as the leader of informal educational activities at the national level. In cooperation with the CEM, it will provide support to education business sector, organization of various types of trainings, consultancy services and professional training - says Ms. Ognjanovic.

The Secretary of the ICT Association Board at the CEM Ms. Nada Rakocevic says this seminar is one in a series of trainings in cyber security, which will be held in the CEM.

- The seminar aims at raising awareness of internet users about the dangers of internet technologies in cyberspace as well as methods of prevention. I am convinced that each one of us, social partners, enterprises and government institutions will continue to work on improving the Montenegrin society which is constantly learning and making progress - says Ms. Rakocevic.

PhD Flavio Lombardi and PhD Stefano Guarino discussed the following topics: principles of networking, knowledge acquisition necessary to protect network infrastructure, understanding the types and methods of contemporary attacks on the infrastructure, introducing the preventing methods and tools for the fight against network attacks, safety protocols etc.

Montenegrin businessmen should recognize the importance of cyber security, which is inseparable from the use of the information-communication technologies. Investing in this should not be seen as a cost but as an investment which will certainly pay off in the long run. In accordance with the framework for cyber security, the Strategy and other regulations, the State needs to support users to implement solutions and educate about the need for it.

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