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Creating a Facebook and Instagram campaign


The Montenegrin Chamber of Economy, in cooperation with the Secretariat for Entrepreneurship of the Capital of Podgorica, organized a seminar on "Creating a Facebook and Instagram campaign - step by step". The lecturer was Jelena Perović, professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University Mediterranean Podgorica, the Vice Dean for Education, Finance and International Cooperation and a winner of Fulbright scholarship.

She presented on line and off line combination as a new marketing framework in the digital age, creating a Facebook page, as well as an interesting commercials. She also talked about the identifying the target group on the social network and attracting a large number of micro-market through these media with the least money. She presented the post targeting/retargeting, as well as creating Instagram profile, with a focus on how to take advantage of the creativity and inspiration for the business purposes.

The seminar was followed by creative workshops – “Creating a Facebook/Instagram page and guidelines for their successful conduct in specific business areas (tourism, transport, e-commerce, financial services, insurance)”. The seminar was attended by the representatives of the companies, mainly from the marketing sector and sales managers.