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Effective Time Management


The Montenegrin Chamber of Economy, in cooperation with the Secretariat for Entrepreneurship organized a seminar on "Effective Time Management".

The seminar was designed for those who want to increase efficiency at work, mainly for managers at all levels. The lecturer was Jelena Vuletić, an experienced banker, expert in financial risk, business consulting and training who actively promotes the values of leadership and teamwork in the Montenegrin private sector.

Vuletić said that the essence of the seminar topic entails efficiency and effectiveness. She said that time management represents coordination of tasks and activities in order to maximize the effectiveness of the individuals’ efforts. Time management is aimed to ensure more work to be done in less time.

The seminar included practical exercises, easily applicable in professional and private life.

- Be active, not reactive, set goals, identify priority activities, keep focus. Create realistic timeframes. Do it now, do not delay. Balance your life - said Jelena Vuletić.