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President Golubović opened the Budva Fairs


President of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro Vlastimir Golubović opened 44th Food Fair, 27th Tourism Fair, Equipment for Hotels and Catering – METUBES and 23rd Ecology Fair.

He extended congratulations to the management and employees of the Adriatic Fair on an important jubilee - 50 years of existence. Stressing the importance of fairs, Golubović says that they do not only represent an opportunity to promote products, but can result in long-term partnerships. He recalls that the Food Fair is the oldest event organized by the Adriatic Fair, which has continuously contributed to establishing strong and dynamic economic relations and activities between business entities and institutional partners at international level. According to him, the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro has been paying great attention to high-quality promotion of local products through the project "Dobro iz Crne Gore (Good from Montenegro)" and the new one "Let’s Buy Domestic Products", as well as organizing events aimed at economic development and successful national branding.

Director of the Adriatic Fair Rajko Bujković is convinced that the offer of this year’s Fair will contribute to improvement of business cooperation, business internationalization, especially in the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises.

The Fair, which is to be ended on 24th March, gathered 145 exhibitors from seven countries.