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Meeting of the WB6 CIF Managing Board


The presidents of the chambers of commerce, the WB6 CIF members, discussed the issues important for the operation and functioning of this regional association.

The Managing Board expresses concern about the fact that the region has been investing in infrastructure, but it has been creating barriers. Unfortunately, the political situation in the Western Balkans does not allow the progress of business community and eagerly expected creation of a favorable business environment, which would contribute to the competitiveness of enterprises.

The Chamber Investment Forum and its members continue with the undertaken activities and are dedicated to meeting the goals and implementing the projects, which will bring benefits to the business community. In the future the CIF priorities will include creating a package of products and services, for which the companies would recognize the interest, the establishment of joint institutions, joint appearance on the markets, as well as strengthening cooperation with relevant institutions and organizations, both in the region and the European Union as well as on other markets.

The Board members welcome the joint control of the Tabanovce-Preševo border crossing between Serbia and the Northern Macedonia, which will significantly contribute to faster movement of people and goods. They hope that the similar project will be implemented in other countries of the region.

The Presidents of the CIF chamber members will participate in the upcoming conference on "Challenges of exports", which is to be held on 29 August in Sarajevo within the project "Top 100", as well as attend the "Top 100" award ceremony, which is to be held on 18 September in Sarajevo as well.

The Managing Board meeting was preceded by a meeting of the CIF national coordinators, as well as with representatives of the CEFTA Secretariat and GIZ.