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Small states of great economies


Representatives of the Chambers of Commerce of Montenegro, Andorra, Liechtenstein and Monaco held a roundtable meeting on 29 May 2019 in Budva, within the Economic Forum, which was organized as part of the Games of the Small States of Europe.

They discussed modalities for further development of cooperation between small countries, in the light of the Cooperation Agreement signed by the chamber representatives during the Forum. Participants have agreed that the Chambers need to intensify business communication and invite business communities to cooperate more closely.

It was announced that it is not necessary to wait for the next Games of the Small States in order to intensify mutual cooperation, but specific areas for joint activities should be defined in the near future. President of the Montenegrin Chamber Vlastimir Golubović proposed digitization and dual education as possible fields of exchange of experience. He expects the support of small countries in the implementation of these processes. He proposed strengthening business ties between IT companies of small countries, in order to transfer knowledge in the area of digitalization.

During the meeting Golubović presented positive macroeconomic trends in Montenegro, as well as the organization and activities of the Chamber of Economy, whose role in creating simulative business environment has been strengthened by the new legislation.

The participants emphasized that the size of these countries is not a reflection of their economic impact. These were the underdeveloped countries which transformed over the decades into very strong economies, thanks to the sustainable development.

The meeting was attended by the Vice-President of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro Ivan Saveljić, representatives of the chambers of Andorra Ramon Ginesta, Pilar Escaler, Meritxell Mars, Joan Arderiu, then Judit Hidalgo, Actua Andorra and Esther Puigcercós, Andorra Banking, Justin Highman, Monaco Invest, Guilluame Rose, the Economic Board of Monaco and Jurgen Nigg and Rainer Ritter, the Liechtenstein Chamber of Commerce.