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Economic cooperation with Ukraine to be intensified


High-quality political relations between Montenegro and Ukraine need to be accompanied by more intensive economic relations, it was assessed during the online meeting between the President of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro Vlastimir Golubović and the Ukraine Chamber of Commerce and Trade Gennadiy Chyzhykova.

The interlocutors recognize the opportunities for strengthening cooperation, especially in tourism, food industry, logistics as well as trade.

During 2018, Montenegro and Ukraine exchanged goods worth EUR 10.2 million. Imports amounted to EUR 10.1 million and exports amounted to EUR 0.1 million.

- In the last 10 years, trade between Montenegro and Ukraine has been at the same level, which indicates the fact that we do not use all available mechanisms to improve economic cooperation between the two countries. Therefore, we need to consider how we can contribute to better economic relations in the near future - said Chyzhykov.

The President of the Ukraine Chamber proposed the visit of the Montenegrin delegation to Kiev and the organization of a business forum that would contribute to connecting businessmen of the two countries. The President of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro, Vlastimir Golubović gladly accepted the invitation, adding that the specific date will be considered in the context of the epidemiological situation.  

He invited the representatives of the Ukrainian Chamber and companies to participate in the International Economic Conference, which should be held in mid-December, assessing that it is an excellent opportunity for establishing bilateral and multilateral business ties.

- I am sure that Montenegro will be among the countries whose economies will recover very quickly from the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic - Golubović emphasized.

Since 2008, EUR 42 million have been invested in our economy from Ukraine.

It was proposed that the chambers use their influence among decision-makers in order to establish a Joint Commission of the two countries and thus contribute to the development of economic relations.

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