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Regional Chamber Conference in Vienna


The president of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro (CEM) participated in “Regional Chamber Conference” which was held on June 16, 2015 in Vienna. The meeting gathered the presidents of the Chambers of the Western Balkans and was supported by the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, the German Federal Chamber of Commerce as well as EUROCHAMBRES. 

The main themes of this meeting were "How to improve the business environment of the region" and "How to involve our business community in the Berlin process in order to increase regional prosperity through sustainable economic growth." The meeting was initiated by the president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia and president of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Mijuskovic has said that the meeting in Vienna contributes to the continuity of the talks on regional cooperation, referring to last year's summit of prime ministers of the Western Balkans with German Chancellor Ms Angela Merkel in Berlin.

- At the moment regional cooperation is probably even more important than it was before, given the fact that under European investment framework for the Western Balkans there are funds for projects of regional importance – Mr. Mijuskovic has said.

The President of the CEM has pointed out that the chamber should monitor, initiate and propose priority projects regarding the development of the economy. The meeting in Vienna will result in drafting the action plan which will be presented at the Vienna Summit on August 27, 2015.