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Career orientation of students after completing vocational education


The Chamber of Economy of Montenegro and the Centre for Vocational Education organized a round table "Career orientation of students after completing vocational education", the focus of which was the analysis of employment of students, who attended vocational schools in Montenegro for the academic year 2019-2020. 

The analysis was done by the Centre for Vocational Education on the basis of data obtained from vocational schools and includes the number of students who completed their education within the educational program, enrolled in faculty, found a job in the field of vocation and abroad and remained unemployed.

The data that out of 3832 students included in the research, only 434 of them are employed in the field of vocation, while 47 percent continue their education, arouses concern, because according to the participants, children are misdirected. Therefore, they emphasize the importance of consulting career counsellors and suggest including other students into the transition plans in addition to the children with special educational needs, which would be a big step forward in the education system. Career advancement, as it was said at the round table, should represent the symbiosis of the employer and educational institutions.

The participants were also informed about the Opportunity Program developed by UNICEF in cooperation with ADP Zid, which contributes to the quality orientation of adolescents towards the labour market.

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