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Partnership with Revenue Administration for better business environment


Intensive cooperation between the Chamber of Economy and the Revenue Administration is in the interest of the business community and the state and will contribute to the improvement of the business environment in Montenegro. The partnership will be additionally promoted by the signing of the cooperation agreement, it was assessed at the meeting between the President of the Chamber Vlastimir Golubović and the Acting Director of the Revenue Administration Aleksandar Damjanović.

During the meeting, important topics were discussed, such as the application of the Law on Fiscalization in the Trade in Products and Services, combating the gray economy, cooperation between the two institutions in educational activities and data exchange, which serve as a basis for quality economic analysis, as well as the possibility of jointly initiating the improvement of regulations in order to create more favourable business environment.

The Chamber of Economy and the former Tax Administration (which with the Administration for Games of Chance became part of the Revenue Administration of Montenegro) closely cooperated on preparation for the implementation of the Law on Fiscalization in the Trade in Products and Services, whose phased implementation began on January 1 and will become mandatory from June 1. The Chamber and the Revenue Administration will organize meetings with the IT sector and additional educational activities in order to remove possible doubts of businessmen regarding the application of this law, it was announced at the meeting.

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