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Roundtable on the Draft Law on Tourism


A new Draft Law on Tourism was presented at the roundtable held at the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro on November 26, 2015. It was the first meeting within the public debate on this document, which will last for 40 days.

The text of the law emphasizes sustainable development in this field, harmonized with the environment protection and its resources, while reducing the impact on climate change and respecting the principle of low-carbon economy. One of the innovations is the establishment of a central tourist registry, unified electronic data records and its exchange. The terms of tourist zones, advertising and work of guides and agencies shall be regulated in more details. The provisions which regulate the travel arrangements have been written in collaboration with European experts and are fully harmonized with the EU directive which regulates this field. The law, among other things, identifies mixed hotels and mixed resorts in Montenegro, regulates the issue of noise in restaurants, and emphasizes standards as criteria of quality of services they provide.

Next year Montenegrin legislation shall be harmonized with the EU Services Directive, which is likely to initiate the adoption of special laws on tourism and hospitality industry. During the meeting, it was emphasized that our Law on Tourism of Montenegro should be regulated by the successful Croatian model. 

The construction of residential care facilities in tourist areas is one of the major problems to be resolved legally. The tourism employers are invited to take part in the public debate on the Draft Law on Spatial Planning.

Incentive measures are necessary, but we consider that it is necessary to take into account the existing entities which settle their liabilities fully, said the representatives of tourist economy. 

It was concluded that the businessmen should be actively involved in public discussion regarding the Draft Law on Tourism, in order to reach the quality text which will contribute to the development of this sector in Montenegro.