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Strategy for development of public procurement


The public consultations on drawing up Strategy for development of public procurement system in Montenegro for 2016–2020 were held at the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro (CEM) on 13th November 2015 and were organized by the CEM, the Network for Affirmation of NGO Sector (MANS) and Public Procurement Administration. 

The meeting was moderated by Mr. Aleksandar Mitrovic, Head of Legal and General Affairs Department at the CEM. According to him, it is necessary to reduce documentation and increase the efficiency in these proceedings.

Mr. Mersad Mujevic, director of the Public Procurement Administration believes that efficient public procurement system is necessary for meeting the goals of free market and providing conditions for market competition. The public procurement system is based on the principles of transparency, equal treatment, freedom of market competition and non-discrimination. 

- The key objectives of this strategy are to improve the public procurement system through constant monitoring and implementation of the necessary regulatory changes, and then reinforce approach to public finances, increase transparency, efficiency and improve the flow of information, monitoring current trends, further development of human resources and harmonization in line with EU directives – Mr. Mujevic has explained.

The head of the Working Group for Drawing up the Strategy Ms. Sandra Skataric has said that the Government is obliged to establish the Coordinating Bodies for the implementation of the Strategy which would inform the executive authorities semi-annually on realization of the activities in the area of public procurement.

The representative of MANS Mr. Vuk Maras has said that the public procurement are one of the most important economic issues, because 300 million euros are spent on it.

- The ultimate goal is to provide simple, efficient and economical public procurement as well as equal conditions for entrepreneurs’ participation in these activities, especially for Montenegrin small and medium-sized enterprises - said Mr. Maras.

Daniel Iverson, senior expert of international organization Sigma has said that the Strategy is a very important document which does not only present an overview of the situations, but also emphasizes strengths and weaknesses of the system as well as the methods and resources to achieve the goals. He has pointed out that EU especially appreciates organizing public discussions. Therefore, he expressed his gratitude to the CEM, MANS and Public Procurement Administration for organizing this event and also congratulated the Working Group on successful competition of the first phase regarding the drawing up the Strategy.

During discussion, the entrepreneurs have emphasized the barriers to public procurement procedures which aggravate their participation and increase the cost of supply. Among other things, the introduction of the One Stop Shop - a single window for all documents required in these proceedings is one of the solutions which will simplify the procedure to entrepreneurs. 

Entrepreneurs may submit comments on drawing up the Strategy in writing to the Working Group until 20th November 2015. The CEM will organize more meetings regarding this topic.