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Ambassador of Argentina visited Chamber


The Vice President of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro (CEM) Mr. Ivan Saveljic had a meeting with HE Ricardo Fernandez, the Ambassador of Argentina based in Belgrade, who paid a one-day visit to our country. 

They discussed the development potentials of economic cooperation between two countries. The interlocutors have believed that two countries may have joint interest in export of goods from South America to the region via Port of Bar.

Mr. Saveljic briefed his guest on the CEM activities aimed at networking Montenegrin and Argentine entrepreneurs. He also commented on the visit of the Montenegrin business delegation to Argentina last year and meeting with Mr. Jorge Milton Kapitanic, who was the chief of the Cabinet of Ministers then.

The initiative on the visit of business delegation of Santa Fe Province to Montenegro, which would be organized in the second half of the year, was also discussed. It is a proposal by Ms. Alejandra Vukasovic, a member of the Parliament of this Province. According to the first announcements, the delegation would consist of entrepreneurs and investors in agriculture and metal processing industry from the area.

Ambassador Fernandez expressed the readiness of the Embassy to provide assistance during the realization of this visit.