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The Ambassador of Argentina visits the CEM


The President of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro (CEM) Mr. Velimir Mijuskovic has hosted a newly appointed Ambassador of the Argentine Republic Mr. Rikardo Fernandez.

The interlocutors have discussed the current economic cooperation between two states and opportunities for its promotion. The president has pointed out that the trade is on the low level, which is mostly determined by the distance of the market.

Montenegro has a favourable investment environment which is constantly being improved and the CEM has the opportunity to recommend to the investors the needs of our economy, Mr Mijuskovic has said.

They also discussed the recent visit of our business delegation to Argentina, as well as meetings with successful businessmen, especially in the Union of Agriculture Chambers - COPAL.

The President has said that Argentina has great agricultural potentials and there is a possibility for cooperation with Montenegro, and with Europe as well. He has concluded that the Chamber is ready to provide the necessary logistics to enhance cooperation between the states in this field. 

Ambassador Fernandez has emphasized the readiness of the Embassy of Argentina to help in strengthening economic relations with Montenegro.