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The Czech Republic wants stronger economic cooperation


The Czech Republic is interested in deepening economic relations with our country and stronger presence of its companies and investors in Montenegro. This was emphasized at the meeting between the Czech Ambassador Karel Urban and the President of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro Vlastimir Golubović.

This was the first visit of the Ambassador Urban to our institution, given that he assumed the position in the end of 2017.

The interlocutors discussed the economic cooperation between Montenegro and the Czech Republic and the potentials for its improvement. 

The President informed the guests about the economic opportunities in our country, the economic structure and further development. Special emphasis was put on the foreign trade between the two countries, according to which the export from Montenegro to the Czech Republic decreased, despite the growing trend of the trade. 

Montenegro, a recognizable tourist destination, has a lot to offer to the Czech tourists and certainly there are many opportunities to attract more visitors from this country.

The Chamber President commented on the past activities as a result of the cooperation between the two countries, such as small hydropower plant Vrelo, which has been operating since 2015, cooperation between OHL-AŽD and the Railway Montenegro, a number of studies and projects in the field of water and communal infrastructure.

During the meeting, the President has presented the ongoing projects, which are expected to produce multiple effects, such as the construction of highway, investments in power plants especially those for the production of energy from alternative sources.

According to the Ambassador, the Czech Republic is especially interested in deepening economic relations and stronger presence of its companies and investors in Montenegro. He believes that know how in energy and waste water treatment may be very useful, since the Czech Republic faced the similar challenges 15 years ago.

The Ambassador has said that the Czech Republic plans to launch and realize new projects in the Western Balkans in the forthcoming period, emphasizing that its companies recognize Montenegro as a great business opportunity.

The Ambassador has announced the Conference dedicated to the issue of waste water treatment, which will be organized in Montenegro this year with the support of the EU Delegation. Bearing in mind the importantance of this issue, the President Golubović offered support of the Montenegrin Chamber in the realization.  

The Vice President Ivan Saveljić presented the organization structure and scope of activities of the Chamber, emphasizing that this is an association, which brings together all business community in Montenegro and the right institution for discussing the economic issues.     

The Vice President has announced that the Chamber will organize the traditional meeting with representatives of the diplomatic and consular missions to Montenegro. This represents an opportunity to present activities in the field of economic diplomacy and the projects of the Chamber, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economy, the Montenegrin Investment Promotion Agency and the Secretariat for Development Projects.

He has also presented the Economic Conference Montenegro 2018, which will take place on October 25-26, the biggest regional economic event, in which the decision makers, chambers of commerce take part.