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Finish Ambassador visited the CEM


Mr. Perti Ikonen, non-resident Ambassador of Finland to Montenegro visited the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro and discussed with its President Mr. Velimir Mijuskovic the opportunities for further cooperation of these two countries. 

President of the Chamber Mr. Mijuskovic expressed satisfaction with the excellent cooperation between the two countries, as well as a noticeable increase in the number of Finnish tourists. According to him, this provides the best opportunities for the potential development of joint businesses of Finish and Montenegrin companies especially bearing in mind that our country has recently joined NATO and is on the doorstep of the European Union.

The Ambassador Ikonen expressed gratitude to the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro on previous successful cooperation. He stressed the importance of opening air line Podgorica-Helsinki and confirmed that the honorary consulate of that country will be opened in Bar soon.

The interlocutors discussed the possibility of a joint organization of the Business Forum between the two countries.  

The President Mr. Mijuskovic announced the Economic Conference of Montenegro, which will be held in early November in Budva and invited the Ambassador to take part in it.