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Meeting with H.E. Ambassador Bingulac


The Ambassador of Serbia to Montenegro Mr. Zoran Bingulac and the President of the Serbian-Montenegrin Business Club Mr. Radivoje Rašović have visited the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro to meet its president, Mr. Vlastimir Golubović.

Emphasizing the high level of economic cooperation between the two countries and very good political relations, the interlocutors have agreed that the economic chambers, as well as the Serbian-Montenegrin business club, have given a great contribution to the continuous improvement of business cooperation and the linkage of the economies. It is reflected in the realized trade exchange, the level of investments, and the excellent tourist attendance rate.

The President emphasized that the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro, after a several-year break, will be again an exhibitor at the Novi Sad Agricultural Fair, which will be held from 15 to 21 May. The Montenegrin businessmen will have a presentation at the joint stand with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Ministry of Economy, the Investment Development Fund and, of course, the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro. The fair, a business forum with the participation of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Montenegro, Mr. Milutin Simović, and a number of already scheduled meetings with the highest representatives of the Provincial Government and the local businessmen, is aimed at recognizing and realizing additional business opportunities and connecting businessmen from our country and Vojvodina.

When asked about Montenegrin progress on accession to the EU, Mr. Golubović mentioned the importance of the Berlin process and the role of the Chamber Investment Forum, which shows understanding in achieving the tasks of establishing a single economic market. By keeping this in mind, Mr. Golubović is convinced that the tourist capacities in Montenegro, owned by the state of Serbia, will soon be adapted in the correct way and to the need of the modern tourism, for the benefit of both countries.

The Ambassador Bingulac, expressing his gratitude for the support that they receive from the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro in the part of promotion of economic cooperation, stressed out that the two national chambers are an example of how the valorization of the regional potentials should be conceived. This was also demonstrated by the creation of a Joint Tourist Offer, through a project designed and implemented by the chambers.

In the context of the already announced forum in Novi Sad, special emphasis was put on the participation of companies from the ICT sector that will have talks with the ICT cluster in that area, which showed by its results the significance of associating for the improvement of the entire branch.