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Ambassador Latinovic visits the Chamber


The President of the Chamber of Economy, Mr Velimir Mijuskovic, hosted H.E. the Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Djordje Latinovic. The Ambassador has said that one of his main tasks is to contribute to the improvement of economic ties between the two countries, which is one of the reasons for his visit.

Mr Mijuskovic has presented the economic climate in Montenegro and the opportunities for economic development. He has reminded that presently big investment projects are realized in Montenegro, and this is the best proof that Montenegro has set the basis for a quality and stimulating business climate, which they have been trying to improve in continuity.

He has mentioned a good economic cooperation of the two countries but also added that there is still place for its improvement. In this respect, it is necessary to eliminate limiting factors such as inadequate transport networking.

The President has stressed the importance of the improved road and railroad infrastructure towards Bosnia and Herzegovina, which would enable the regional companies to contribute to the better use of the Port of Bar capacities.

Both sides have expressed readiness to provide joint assistance to Montenegrin and BiH companies to intensify cooperation.

Mr Mijuskovic has emphasized a good bilateral cooperation with BiH and suggested the organization of a B2B meeting in Banja Luka in the near future.

The Ambassador has presented the current economic situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and accented the country’s willingness for cooperation, as well as the expectation to achieve better trade with Montenegro. He has expressed his satisfaction with the engagement of the company Energoinvest from Sarajevo on the construction of the long-distance electric power transmission line Pljevlja – Cevo and added that he sees the chance for strengthening economic cooperation in the wood processing sector, etc.

Mr Mijuskovic has wished Mr Latinovic a successful mandate and said that the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro is always open for logistic support.