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The Ambassador of the Netherlands visits President Mijsukovic


The Ambassador of the Netherlands H. E. Laurent Louis Stokvis visited the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro on June 1, 2015. On this occasion, Mr. Stokvis spoke with the President of the Chamber Mr. Velimir Mijuskovic about the possibilities to promote economic cooperation between the two countries.

“The exchange of goods between Montenegro and the Netherlands is at a low level and we should undertake activities to increase it. Not many Dutch tourists visit Montenegro, so it is desirable to introduce charter flights which would connect two countries” interlocutors have agreed.

Mr. Mijuskovic believes that intensive cooperation could be achieved in agriculture, food industry, as well as in energy sector, metal processing, forestry, construction... They have also discussed the improvement of transport infrastructure which would contribute to improving connection of Montenegro with the countries of the region and Europe. 

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