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Croatian Ambassador visited the Chamber


There are a lot of opportunities for improvement and strengthening of business cooperation between Montenegro and Croatia. This was concluded at the meeting between the President of the Montenegrin Chamber Vlastimir Golubović and the Croatian Ambassador Veselko Grubišić.

President Golubović presented the organization, work of the Chamber and the activities carried out. Speaking about economic cooperation between the two countries, President of the Chamber said that in 2017 the foreign trade amounted to 133.7 million EUR. Last year 20,000 Croatian tourists visited our country and since 2008 Croatia has invested 70 million EUR in Montenegro. Golubović emphasized very good cooperation with the Croatian Chamber of Economy and the county chambers.

Croatian Ambassador said that Montenegro has come a long way in the Euro-integration processes. In these processes, the great support to our country can be given by the Croatian experts through twinning projects. Commenting on the foreign trade with Montenegro, he said that there is an interest in importing certain products from our country, especially fruits. He emphasized very good cooperation among winemakers and olive growers. He spoke highly of the Montenegrin production of prosciutto and recalled that the Njeguši prosciutto has recently been awarded in Drniš.

Montenegro and Croatia will continue the cooperation for their mutual benefit, concluded the interlocutors.

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