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Visit of the Ambassador of Kazakhstan


The President of the Chamber of Economy has held talks with the newly appointed Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Mr Aslan Musin. This is the first visit of the Ambassador Musin to Montenegro who has presented his credentials to the President of Montenegro. As he has emphasized at the beginning of the talks, one of the objectives in his mandate is to improve economic relations between his country and Montenegro, which is one of the reasons why the meeting with the President of the Chamber of Economy was high on his list of priorities.

The President of the Chamber of Economy presented the economic climate in Montenegro and the opportunities for development of the national economy, emphasizing the progress achieved in the past decade despite the crisis which ceased growth. It is a fact that Montenegro started with the realization of big investments with renowned foreign investors, primarily in the tourism sector, and it is the best proof that Montenegro has set the basis of a quality and stimulating business climate which we have been trying to improve continuously.

The ambassador presented the data which reflect the current economic situation in Kazakhstan, a country rich with ores and minerals, including oil. He has emphasized that the country is open for cooperation and expressed hope that we will manage to achieve better results in trade.

Since Kazakhstan expresses considerable interest for Croatia as a tourist destination, Mr Mijuskovic has informed the guest with the intentions of the region to present itself as a unique tourist destination to the faraway markets, such as Kazakhstan.

Still, for the final realization of almost all plans related to the increase of the volume of goods and services, it is necessary to sign a certain number of mutual agreements between the states, which is expected to happen in the near future.

Taking into consideration the fact that Kazakhstan will be the host of the World Economic Forum in 2017, the state will have to allocate 5 billion USD for the construction of the infrastructure and hotel capacities. In that respect, it will have to hire the workeforce from the construction sector and purchase construction materials. Mr Mijuskovic has recognized the chance for the placement of certain domestic products made of wood which are used for construction purposes.

Mr Mijuskovic has also presented the organization and activities of the Chamber of Economy and expressed the readiness of the Chamber for bilateral cooperation with the national Chamber of Kazakhstan, which may be the best instrument for cooperation between its members. The Ambassador Musin will present this fact to the President of the Chamber of Economy of Kazakhstan and he is convinced that the two chambers will establish cooperation in the near future.