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Green ideas competition

Nacionalni konkurs za odabir „Zelenih ideja“

Fund for active citizenship - fAKT in partnership with the Rockefeller Brothers Fund has announced a competition for the selection of  "green ideas", in order to encourage individuals, farms, small enterprises and non-governmental organizations to develop innovative business ideas based on the principles of sustainable development.  

The following criteria should be met:

  1. The idea / project is at an early stage of development; 
  2. An annual turnover hasn’t reached over € 10,000;
  3. It relies primarily on local resources, including the employment of the local population and the use of traditional knowledge and skills;
  4. Supports the revitalization of traditional local economy and networking people with their community;
  5. There is a vision and action plan for the protection and improvement of the environment. 
  6. There is a plan for economic sustainability (economic growth). 
  7. An estimate of the local market and demand has been made; the holder of ideas needs to show that he/she is aware of the competition and presents the comparative advantages of their ideas / projects as well.
  8. It is an innovative and unique project / idea, which is not provided with financial support from the state authorities, local governments, foundations, private donors, and international development agencies.

Individuals (citizens of Montenegro), farms, small enterprises or non-governmental organizations registered in Montenegro may submit the application by May 31, 2015. The three top ranked ideas will participate in the Regional Forum "Philanthropy for Green Ideas in Western Balkans", which the Rockefeller Brothers Fund (RBF) is organizing in Kosovo (Magra Hotel Austria, Boge-Rugova) on July 24-27, 2015.

Fifteen “green ideas" from 5 regional countries will be presented at the Forum, while the 3 top ranked will win 10,000 USD. If none of three business ideas from Montenegro win a prize of USD 10,000 at the Regional Forum, the highest-ranked will receive financial support in the amount of 4,000 € by fAKT.

More information fAKT.