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Elections for the CEM Assembly members announced


The Assembly of the Chamber of Economy has announced elections for the members of this body of the business association.

Decisions on the election of association boards’ members were verified, and the semi-annual activity report was presented.

The Chamber Assembly has 51 members, 38 of whom are elected by the association boards. The presidents of the association boards automatically become the members of the CEM Assembly. Elections will be held within 90 days as of the announcement of the decision.

The Assembly was conducted by Vojo Banović, President of the Chamber Assembly, and in addition to members it was attended by the CEM President Vlastimir Golubović, the Vice-Presidents Ljiljana FilipovićIvan Saveljić and Danilo Gvozdenović, the Secretary General Pavle D. Radovanović, the directors of the CEM departments and the secretaries of the association boards.

- I would like to thank the former members of the Chamber Assembly for their significant contribution to the development of the business environment, provided through the work of this body and the association boards - said Golubović.

The Assembly has verified the decision on the election of members of the association boards, brought by the Managing Board at its meeting on 18 July 2019.