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Proposal to the Labour Law discussed with the business community


Draft Labor Law was discussed at the meeting organized in the Chamber of Economy. The introductory remarks were delivered by the Secretary General of the Chamber Pavle D. Radovanović and General Director of the Directorate within the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare Zoran Ratković.

Secretary General of the Chamber Pavle D. Radovanović 

It is indisputable that the text of the Law is improved in specific areas in relation to the current one, but there are still pending issues, particularly those relating to the liberalization of the employment contract termination, the existence of the systematization act, the obligation of peaceful settlement of disputes.

Director General of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare Zoran Ratković

The proposed Act is the result of a transparent dialogue between social partners. Fifteen days ago Brussels concluded that 95 per cent of the Law is harmonized. It is necessary to harmonize the certain provisions of the Labour Law with the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination. I think we will achieve the main goal - creating new jobs through the labour market flexibility and combating the informal economy. The Chamber of Economy has made a significant contribution to the drafting of the new Labour Law.

The meeting was attended by more than 30 representatives of Montenegrin companies who made objections on the proposed solutions and suggestions to their improvement.

This Act will be discussed at the Council for Competitiveness session, member of which is the Chamber President Vlastimir Golubović. The President will talk about the need to further enhance the said Act in accordance with the suggestions and needs of the economy.