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Through quality to competitiveness of domestic products


Improving product quality through integrated quality systems of agricultural and food products were discussed at the workshop organized by the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro, in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, with the technical support of Slovenia.

In addition to representatives of the business community, Merisa Čekić, Head of the Directorate for the Quality Schemes at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Montenegro and Vlasta Grašek and Lucijan Cencič, representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture of Slovenia participated in the workshop “Through quality to the competitiveness of domestic products”.

They discussed the situation in the field of quality policy in Montenegro and the degree of compliance with EU regulations, policies to protect the product name in Slovenia, the experiences of EU countries in the development and results of the implementation of quality schemes, importance of product quality designations, the new system to protect the product name in Slovenia "Selected quality," the importance of the sectoral approach and the formation of manufacturing associations and the preparation and activities within a registration scheme quality.